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Welcome to Locking Arms Men!

We are a spiritual community of brothers in the Lord who are committed to building authentic men who love God, love one another, and love their neighbor. Our men come from all types of faith backgrounds and un-churched experiences. Each man has a unique story, a narrative that is important to affirm. Every man has a deep need to know his brother beyond common bonds like hunting, fishing, and the Steelers. We all share a longing to know and to be known. Helping men to make sense of their story, while pointing them to Christ’s love, builds community.

If you are considering a year end gift to us we would be very grateful. Locking Arms Men has established a sub account with Providence Church to receive tax deductible donations.  Our good brother Mike Pierson is the Pastor. They are a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization that will provide an interim capacity for Locking Arms Men to receive donations until we gain our charitable status in 2015.

Please make your check payable to Providence Church with Locking Arms Men in the lower left hand memo section. Please mail it to: Providence Church, 2400 Oxford Drive #334, Bethel Park PA 15102. Your gift to Locking Arms Men will be tax deductible and we will send you a notification letter within 10 days of receiving your check.

Make sure to come back to our new website, launching December 8th with videos, testimonials, and info about our leadership team, weekly huddles and upcoming events.

Locking Arms,

Leo Wisniewski

Email: leo@lockingarmsmen.org