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1/05 First Friday – Locking Arms Huddle

Locking Arms Brothers,
Start the New Year off right with us on 1/5. Don’t miss this timely and powerful message from a man of God with a real heart for reaching men!
Friday, January 5, 2024 – Locking Arms First Friday 
Speaker: Mike Hatch
Time: 6:30am – 7:45am – Guys Church
Doors Open: 6:00am – coffee & donuts
Location: Northgate Church

Address: 238 W View Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229

Our Speaker: Mike Hatch

“Manhood: Empowered By The Light of the Gospel”
Most men today are disempowered. Lost and groping in the dark, they are driven by fear and insecurity. Isolation and loneliness have defined us as a generation, and the tragic result has been dysfunctional marriage, broken families, and a society with no mooring to truth. Addictions to pornography, alcohol, drugs, and gaming have enslaved men and stolen our confidence.
Come and discover a whole new manhood path!
Mike Hatch is a Truth at Work Chapter President in Pittsburgh, PA. He is passionate about the kingdom impact business leaders have at work.