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There was a small note in the sports page on Monday after the Super Bowl that you likely would have missed. Warren Sapp, former NFL star DT for the Tampa Bucs, Hall of Fame member, and sportscaster for the NFL Network was arrested for physical assault on a prostitute in Phoenix. He was fired by the NFL Network the following day. I don’t know what the outcome of that arrest was so what I am about to say is in full recognition that the charges could have been dismissed. I also want to convey my sorrow for the alleged victim. Men should never use their strength to abuse or exploit anyone, especially not women and children. It is given to us by God to protect. “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres” – The Apostle Paul.

The spiritual reality of why something like this happens or could happen applies to all of us as men. If you have ever had a serious battle with lust or anger you know what I am talking about. Sin will always take us further than we wanted to go. I happened to hear Warren Sapp two days before the Super Bowl in discussion with Michael Irvin and Kurt Warner on the NFL Network about how players deal with the pressures of Super Bowl week. Warren said that spending time with your wife and family are very important in that week. The others agreed. He also said that making your wife feel special was a key. He then said “Happy wife means a happy life.”

I don’t doubt that Warren was sincere when he said that. In all likelihood if Warren is found guilty however, it means he has a serious problem with lust & anger. He may love his wife but the stronghold of lust & anger is stronger. It probably also means that he doesn’t have any real brothers in his life who are aware of the problem or helping him in the battle to overcome it. It has to start with our willingness to be vulnerable, to be transparent. There is a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous, “You are only as sick as your secrets.” We need a group who will hear our confession and failures and not condemn us.

We all need men of God, men of character who call us up to be better than we could be alone. We call our weekly men’s groups, huddles. They are a small band of brothers where men do life together around the truth of God’s Word. We pray for one another, we hold each other accountable, we rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. We are merciful with one another because we need mercy. We call this lifestyle Locking Arms. Who is in your huddle? Let us help you find one.

We are beginning a series of posts from our leadership team of men who will be sharing from their heart about their spiritual journeys. I know that you will be blessed to hear their stories and what God is teaching them in this Locking Arms lifestyle.

Huddle Up!

Leo Wisniewski