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Over 100 couples filled The Grand Hall at The Priory Hotel for our Marriage Celebration Dinner. The event was a part of National Marriage Week’s celebration and sponsored by Locking Arms Men. Special thanks to our musicians Mr. Kim Costanza who performed three Saxophone pieces and Greg Capozzi who performed several songs (electronic keyboard and vocals) through the evening. A particularly big hit was Kim and Greg’s collaboration of Billy Joel’s “I Love You Just the Way You Are.” David DiDonato and his wife Kristen shared marriage highlights and challenges in an interview format. They talked about how being involved serving children as mentors has enriched their marriage. The food and service by the staff at The Priory was terrific. Tim & Cheryl Colussy capped the program portion of the night with a moving personal testimony about their marriage followed by prayer for wives and husbands offered by them individually for us all. We enjoyed some dancing as couples with a cool play list of R & B love songs when the sweetest surprise of the night occurred. Mike Samreny walked his girlfriend Marsha Shue to the stage area and proposed marriage in grand fashion. On bended knee with a ring, he pledged that Christ’s love would flow through him to cherish her the rest of his days. Special thanks to our leadership team of couples (Goldcamp’s, Donatelli’s, Colussy’s, DeSantes’) who worked hard to plan the evening and then bring it together on Friday night.

Here are a few of the responses:

“Great fellowship, food, music and content.” Jim & Amy Brown

“Awesome evening and very memorable. We are grateful.”  Emily & John Willard

“Thanks for the messages and transparency in sharing about marriages.”  Greg Heibert

“This was a very strong and supportive Valentines Dinner. The speakers were honest and rich in blessings of the word and encouragement.”  Dan & Fiona Sowers

“Great event. Loved the National Marriage Week tie in as well.” Stu Hayes

“We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would be happy to attend next year.”  Matt & Melissa Johnson

“Great night celebrating each other in marriage. Hope you have it again next year.” Dave & Nancy Graeser