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We will be partnering with several pastors from Del Rey Ministries to serve approximately sixty boys from the bateys. The bateys are sugar cane villages where Haitian families live in harsh poverty in slave-working conditions with no economic capacity to get out. Among other tough realities for them, they are the victims of racial prejudice by Dominicans.

The Del Rey Pastors lead churches in these villages like Margarita and Vasca. They have been trained over the past three years in biblical studies, preaching, and pastoral care. Our short-term mission trips are designed to support their long-term missions commitment. The children who live in their villages have never traveled more than a few miles from their home and have never seen the ocean. The pastors will be gathering our young men in two age groups — from ages 8-12 and 13-16 — for a three night camp experience with us in San Pedro, just a 20-minute bus ride away. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Director Mike Shaheen will be a partner as well, assisting us with two members of his Dominican staff.

We will be doing some recreational sports with the boys each day including: basketball, baseball, wiffle ball, and soccer. There will be worship, teaching, and small group times daily and a trip to the beach for each group. This camp experience will be very relational as each leader will stay with a group of 3-4 boys loving on them for three entire days.

The cost for the trip including airfare, food, transportation, interpreters, and a Dominican FCA staff leadership is $1,500. College students and youth leaders can join us for $1,000. Leo Wisniewski and Kim Costanza will be the trip leaders. Please contact Leo as soon as possible to reserve your place. A limited number of leaders (10 maximum) is being sought for this trip. Fathers and sons age 10 and up are welcome to join us.

Email leo@lockingarmsmen.org for more details about signing up.