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Dear Brothers,

I want to commend to you an outreach event coming up on March 28th at Stage AE next to Heinz Field on the North Shore. I have attended many outreach events over the past 30 years but very few of them have had the high-impact for men like this For Men Only event.

Our great brothers Tunch Ilkin & Craig Wolfley are the hosts, sharing their hilarious stories, interviewing Steeler greats, and weaving both video and drama into a powerful afternoon. The day begins with a tailgate in the parking lot where cheeseburgers, fries,music from K-Love, and a lot of new friends await!

Click on the link below for all the info and to get your tickets.

Locking Arms to Make Him Known!

Leo Wisniewski
Locking Arms Director

Buy Tickets Here: www.formenonlypgh.com/buy-tickets