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Locking Arms partnered with the Pittsburgh Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes to put on a one day football camp recently at Hampton High School. Over 300 young men grades 9-12 participated in the 7 vs. 7 team competitions and the offensive line/defensive line instruction from 9am to 3pm. Locking Arms advisory board members Stefen Wisniewski (Center Jacksonville Jaguars), Tunch Ilkin (Steelers broadcaster and 13 year veteran), and Jon Kolb (Steelers 4-time Super Bowl Champ) along with Leo Wisniewski led the Big Man portion of the camp.

Short messages on life issues and faith were offered during break periods in the morning and afternoon practices along with a panel discussion led by the Steelers Tunch Ilkin at lunchtime. Dom Anzevino shared his inspiring story at lunchtime with the players along with TE Darnell Dinkins (Saints SB Champ). In the panel, Stefen talked about his commitment to sexual purity and the wisdom of the Lord’s plan in this area for all single men. Stefen closed the days activities inviting young players and coaches to commit their lives to Christ. Coach Ron Anzevino and Head Coach Jacque DeMatteo from Hampton High School did an outstanding job hosting us. FCA Director Denny Hyland and his dedicated bride Diane also did a great job along with their FCA staff. Special thanks go out to Dennis McKamish and the McKamish Family for their sponsorship support for the camp.

For more information on events and how to get involved, please contact Locking Arms Director Leo Wisniewksi