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We had a great week in the Dominican with an American team of 30 people. It was comprised of college students from Pitt, three Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) staff members along with several other brothers and family members who support Del Rey Ministries. See delreyministries.org. The painting, cleaning, and building times (Swing Sets for the Sugar Cane Villages) helped to facilitate a deeper sense of community in the group. The morning chapels, the Haitian Church experience, the spiritual hunger of the pastors, and the thankful hearts of the people in the villages all led to a powerful week. We left with hearts that were full yet as Kim challenged us in his last teaching time, Jesus Camp was over, like it was for the disciples, and now it was time to follow Christ in new and difficult places back home!

Some of us were involved with teaching (Pastor Todd Jaussen & me) the word of God to Del Rey Ministries’ 14 Pastors (Both Dominican & Haitian) along with 4 members of Mike Shaheen’s Fellowship of Christian athletes (FCA) staff. His men are all young Dominicans and the training was made possible by our brother Kim Costanza’s leadership. God has been doing a great work equipping these pastors and the help of a great Dominican translator named JJ!

Thank you all for your prayers. God by his Spirit blessed our time in so many ways!

Leo Wisniewski
Director Locking Arms Men