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Brothers and Friends,

Many of you know that our son Stefen is a member of the Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII on Sunday. He played Left Guard (61). If you didn’t know that or you are not a football fan in the least that’s okay and very understandable. There is something important in their story – their faith journey however that everyone everywhere can understand on a heart level. I don’t mean the great lessons about overcoming adversity, the importance of being unified as a team, etc.. Those are important lessons but this team’s legacy goes deeper. Their legacy to us is about connecting our individual stories to God’s Magnificent Story in the gospel. That is when life gets really good. That is what finding true life is all about.

This year has been an amazing season of God’s faithfulness to the Eagles. Not simply because Philadelphia’s long drought without a Super Bowl is over. Instead, something much bigger that transcends championships and individual achievements has been advancing…the glory of God in Christ. We have seen this through a unified band of brothers from diverse backgrounds. The Eagles strong core of Christian coaches and players have paved the way by their intense desire to glorify Christ.

For Jordan Hicks, Chris Marigos and Carson Wentz their season-ending injuries could not even slow down their passionate witness and unselfish support for their teammates. I believe this was evident in the many testimonies following the game. God was moving on this team powerfully however over a year ago drawing men to himself. I am so thankful that our son, Stefen, has been a part of this group of godly men. Below is a BreakPoint message on the Eagles and a link to a story with a few video clips from the Eagle players from CBN.

Many of you have expressed congratulations, prayers and support for Stefen and his wife Hilary. My wife Cindy and our whole family are grateful for you.

Locking Arms in the Gospel,

Leo Wisniewski