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10 May, 2024
Camp Peniel, 294 Peniel Dr, Meyersdale, PA 15552

Check In Friday 5/10 by 6:00pm Dinner

Check Out Saturday 5/11 at 7:30pm

Camp Peniel – 294 Peniel Drive, Meyersdale, PA 15552

Sponsors: Mercy For All Nations, The Bonhoeffer Project, Locking Arms, Adam’s Quest, Berlin Brethren Church, Victory Family Church, ATP, Outdoor Immersion 

In a national survey of pastors, they were asked, how is your church doing with the charge of Jesus great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) to go and make disciples of all nations? Nearly 90% of the pastors said they were failing and that the church as a whole was failing and ineffective in this most important mission. First, let’s define what is a disciple since this understanding was plain to his apostles and the 500 who were his followers before he left the earth in his exaltation. “A disciple is one who follows Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is on mission for Jesus.” 

If we look at the WHY we are failing? We could begin with some downstream issues. We have substituted a Sunday morning ‘experience” and church programs for Jesus intensely relational, obedience based discipleship method in making disciples. An important spiritual axiom rings true in this regard however. “The gospel we preach will determine the disciples we make.” Could it be that there is something counterfeit in the competing gospels that oppose Jesus Kingdom gospel? We must go back to the headwaters of scripture, looking to Jesus message and method of disciple making. If we preach and teach a non-discipleship gospel, that is, one that doesn’t require faith in Jesus with following Jesus, we cannot produce his disciples. If we preach a non-discipleship gospel,  ‘converts’ will believe that following Christ as is optional, achievable by only a few who can multiply by making disciples who make disciples.

This Disciple Makers Bootcamp is an attempt to set the bar where He set the bar; in self denial, embracing the mission of the cross and in Spirit led obedience following Him. “If any man would come after me he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” Mark 8:34 

Some other ways that we will seek to be different from other retreats is a shift away from long teaching sessions by pastors. Instead, “practitioners” will deliver concise instruction on the way of Jesus. This way stresses an obedience based discipleship approach that emphasizes community and accountability. These men lead with ‘boots on the ground’, engaging people with the gospel (work, home, community) and leading triad/quad discipleship groups. Our team includes: Hollis Haff, Bob Jamison, John Carey, Neil Walker, Eric Gregory, Leo Wisniewski, Rich Ralston, Jerry Jefferson, Jim Skal, Jon Kolb and Tom Sprowls. Jim Skal (Outdoor Immersion) will lead a Creation Walk on Saturday afternoon. The young men will be experiencing a bike trip Saturday led by Neil Walker and Jim Buchanan. A triad group prayer walking experience will also be incorporated  on Saturday as well. Panel discussion will also be a highlight.

Our Disciple Makers Bootcamp will require those who register to sign a covenant prior to the event consisting of specific commitments.  

*I commit to completing the assigned reading and Zoom discussion prior to the event.

*I commit to writing out a 3 minute personal testimony of my faith as a follower of Jesus.

*I commit to being present for the entire weekend (no partial attendance allowed).

*I commit to bring a teachable spirit and fully engage in all discussions and activities.

*I commit to share what I learn with others after the weekend. One way this will be expressed is through a community based outreach led by one of our team leaders.

There will be a separate Youth Track for young men attending the Bootcamp led by Neil Walker, Eric White, and Jim Buchanan.

The cost of the Bootcamp is $125 for one nights lodging, 4 great meals, a bootcamp shirt, and an equipping experience that leads to multiplying your discipleship tree! You must bring your own linens, towel, pillow, blankets or sleeping bag. Scholarships will be available for young men in the Youth Track. 

We are requiring that all men stay for the full 26 hour experience! This is very important. 

Click here to view the full schedule: 2024 Bootcamp Schedule

Purchase tickets:

Disciple Makers Bootcamp

Internet registration and two Zoom call options by 3/25.  

The two articles and the instructions on writing your 3 minute testimony will be emailed to you after registration and your covenant commitment emailed to us. 

Our prayer is that our Bootcamp will be used by our Lord Jesus to turn leaders into disciple makers! Count the costs first (Luke 14:25-33) then join us in Jesus’ disciple making movement that’s been ignited in Western Pennsylvania and around the world.

For questions please contact Leo Wisniewski. Email leo@lockingarmsmen.org or cell (412) 445-8842. Also Hollis Haff email: hollis@thebonhoefferproject.com 

Cell (412) 874-7658.